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Leaving our mark – the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo

May 3, 2015 12:392 years ago

For us the driving force in this game has always been the culture and the feeling – the hip hop state of mind. The stories behind everything and the big picture have always brought the culture closer and made it feel more concrete. Getting deeper into the culture gives you so much more than searching for the competition titles. It makes you feel like you belong to something and makes you feel proud of representing the culture. Even the single moves get a deeper meaning.

Today at this internet age there's cameras everywhere and almost everything goes on tape. But while everyone's after the shares the deeper thoughts get often left on the back. Soulfulness doesn't always fit in 15 seconds. For some time we've had a feeling that something permanent was needed. Our dance form happens always in the moment and if the stories and knowledge are not recorded they stay only in our memories.

Last summer we decided to start working on something that summarizes all the knowledge and experience we've gathered from our journey. We are happy to finally announce that our project is ready: the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo is here! Dojo is a thorough interactive online environment for b-boying. It is constantly updated and has something for dancers of all levels. Instead of only ”how to go from your air chair to handstand”-material we want to preserve this beautiful culture by sharing our philosophies and vision on top of the moves. Dojo is made to give the keys to a strong foundation and finding ones own path. This is why we named it the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo. Besides the physical place of training the term dojo has a more abstract meaning that represents the way of self development.

The process has taken 9 months this far from the idea until the release and we're going to keep ourselves busy with it also in the future. Building the Dojo has been an all independent project which makes it special to us. It represents us and our vision. To make everything happen we gathered a team of extremely talented people. We're lucky and thankful for their work.

In the future we hope that the Dojo is a place that brings people together from all over the world. We hope to reach people also in new places where this kind of information is harder to find. This could be a start of something big.

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