Levels | B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo


List of video lessons on levels:

Level 1: Beginner

The Beginner Level starts with the basics of the dance of breaking and makes you familiar with the different elements our dance form consists of. We'll give you a taste of this fascinating culture by getting you to know it's history and essence. This level does not require any prior experience of breaking.

Level 2: Prospect

The Prospect Level teaches you an enormous amount of new moves, deepens your basics and teaches you transitions and techniques that will help you out later on. Your skill level and knowledge will be widened so that you'll be able to properly represent in circles and battles.

Level 3: B-Boy

When reaching the third level of the Dojo your understanding and knowledge should already be on the level that a tittle as a B-Boy or a B-Girl is earned. On the B-Boy level we go deep in the quality on movement and understanding the structure and importance of music. Again we'll learn tons of new moves, variations and drills. On this level they are already very challenging.

Level 4: Grand Master

The Grand Master Level takes you very deep into the philosophies of the dance and will make your foundation very powerful. On this level we will seek for limitless opportunities for our dance using concepts and styles instead of just moves. We will focus on subjects like flow, freestyle, battle skills and taking even the smallest details to the extreme.